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Purge Agent

ZClean is a high performing purge agent with excellent cleaning power through cutting-edge technology. The remarkable effectiveness comes from a
process of penetration and swelling, which allows the product to clean the screw, the inside of the barrel, nozzle and even the dies.


It is easy to handle and comes in pellet form, ready to use and can easily be poured into the hopper. It is highly effective with just a small amount of Z CLEAN is all that is needed to perform a time and money saving cleaning operation.

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It is safe for all machine types and is non-abrasive, it will not damage the barrel, screw, nozzle or die even after repeated usage. ZClean is safe, non-poisonous and can be recycled.

ZClean is a high performance purge agent for an advanced plastic moulding machine. It was developed by Chisso Corp. based on its considerable experience acquired through the development process in a variety of polymers and its reputed compound technology.

The excellent performance, achieved by the addition of a special surfactant to a unique base polymer, is being recognised as highly effective purge agent for engineering plastics. The superior effectiveness and functional features of ZClean all contribute to the improvement in productivity and the saving in resources.

ZClean provides your worksite with reliable solutions and promotes wide-variety, small-scale production along a new age.

ZClean’s features include:

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  • High cleaning power and smooth replacement
  • Effective on a wide variety of materials in a wide variety of temperatures
  • Applicable to many types of moudling machines
  • Simplicity that improves efficiency
  • Slight wear
  • Safe for the working environment

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