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Prochimica Novarese has been a market leader for over thirty years in the production, marketing and post-sale assistance of chemical products for the industry, with a worldwide distribution network. Its textile department offers a solid support to the excellence of the Made in Italy products. Investments, technological development and the use of resources are planned respecting the environment, considering the immediate requirements, but evaluating future consequences. Its research on environmentally sustainable methods and products is continually guided by its dedication to the environment.

Prochimica Novarese production includes a complete range of auxiliaries for the textile industry in all phases of the production cycle, from spinning to dyeing, from preparation to finishing. Thanks to the experience and the professionalism of its team, Prochimica Novarese is able to satisfy any request and assist customers with technical problems.

The constant growth of Prochimica Group in the Italian and foreign markets confirms the soundness of its business management.

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Prochimica offers the following in the textile industry:

As the business has grown, the company has diversified to supply into many different industries which requires them to constantly find new and effective methods to meet demanding customer requirements.

Natural Solutions, which includes:

  • Biotex Natural Oil
  • Antifelting Natural Oil
  • Novasoft Natural K
  • Follante Natural Oil
  • Biotex PS
  • Novacid ZD Conc

Girofil Bio Series:

  • Vegetable Lubricant Oils: Suitable for coning, twisting, post texturising and post taslan, reoling in warping and weaving

Silicone Softeners E-Series:

  • Green Touch: Microsil IDRO E, Microsil STK E, Siltex Ultra E

Easyprint D-E Series:

  • Eco Discharge Pastes: Easyprint D-EN, Easyprint D-E, Easyprint D-E2W

Antifoam and Deaerating Agents:

  • Suitable for scouring, bleaching, dyeing, printing and finishing

Microsil Idro

  • Microsil Idro is a brand new hydrophilic silicone-based softener which gives the garments a superior wearing comfort, fresh and soft sensation on skin. This highly performing product has been developed by modifying the chemical structure of the common amminofunctional polysiloxanes, to obtain a nanoemulsion that keeps the hydrophilic, softness and printability properties of standard microemulsions unaltered.

Easysoap PN/EX

  • Easysoap PN/EX is an innovative auxiliary for the soaping processes of reactive dyestuffs on cellulose fibres. The use of this product allows reducing both the rinsing and soaping steps, optimising time and costs without detriment to the obtained standard fastness, which remains the same of the traditional process.

Egalen Star HTP:

  • Egalen Star HTP is a polyester dispersing levelling agent and represents a balanced solution for the dyeing process. This product has been developed to prevent the undesired effects that might occur when dyeing polyester, so that all the Egalen Star HTP components act by optimising and improving the properties and results of the entire process.


  • The new EasyWhite bleaching system accelerates the bleaching rate thanks to a peroxide activator. Working conditions with a moderate pH, at lower than normal temperature make it an innovative solution in this sector of the market. This special process can also be used on the most delicate fibres.

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