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Auxiliaries and Oils for the Textile Industry

Through using Petronaphte (part of TOTAL Energies), available through Millchem, products you will benefit from its technical and commercial teams’ know-how to improve your production processes. Because of the company’s acknowledged experience and expertise, they are partners with major players even in niche sectors of the textile industry.

The R&D engineers work in close collaboration with textile and equipment manufacturers to create new products and improve current performance. Reducing environmental impact is also one of their main lines of research, and is reflected in the products they offer.

The team has been the first to design and market anti-splashing for coning oil worldwide. This innovation has been widely acclaimed by coning oils users all over the world. The high performance of its anti-splashing oil is unique to the company.

Total Lubricants is a subsidiary of Total. The Group is the world’s fifth largest integrated oil and gas company and is on five continents. Petronaphte is the special brand of auxiliaries and oils for the textile industry. These products are designed, produced and marketed by Total Lubricants.

These products are marketed all over the world thanks to the distribution and representation network. Products are delivered to your production sites through logistics matching your requirements. Wherever you are, you benefit from the skills of their technical specialists.



With its major R&D investments and its close collaboration with textile equipment and consumables manufacturers, Total Lubricants has developed highly technical products, giving high performance. Our engineers’ great expertise can also help your innovation by offering you new, customised solutions.

Safe Products

The products are ISO 9001 certified and meet OEKO-TEX standards. By choosing Petronaphte you know you can rely on the performance of its textile auxiliaries and oils to optimise your productivity and maintenance costs.

Producing yarns and fabrics matching your customers’ expectations is an everyday challenge for you. Petronaphte textile auxiliaries and oils are designed to help you meet this challenge. Even under the most difficult operating conditions, their use improves the yield of your machinery and the quality of your production at every step from the processing of raw materials to finished fabrics. Petronaphte products, designed in their R & D laboratory and produced in our plants under quality control, meet your customers’ strictest requirements.


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Millchem is the proud distributor for Petronaphte in sub-Saharan Africa. Contact us today for more information on these products and how we can help customise a solution that suits your needs.