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Water-Based Coatings and Surface Modifiers

Michelman is a global developer and manufacturer of specialised sustainable chemistry used in agricultural and architectural coatings, digital printing, food service packaging, and advanced composites for automotive and aerospace. From helping grow food and keeping it fresh, to making vehicles lighter and more fuel efficient, to shielding homes from the elements, Michelman’s environmentally-conscious solutions protect and enhance the materials that shape our world.

Packaging Solutions Designed for the Circular Economy

Michelman’s multi-functional coatings for paper, film and foil can eliminate the need for complex, costly and unrecyclable multi-layer structures, making it possible to create packaging that is recyclable, repulpable and industrially compostable using homogenous mono-material structures.

Its Michem® Flex, HydraBan® and VaporCoat® technologies deliver water, oil, and grease resistance, low-temperature heat seal, and excellent ink adhesion in solutions that are PFAS-free, including food contact compliant options.

Transforming the way packaging is designed, produced, used and recovered

Recyclable, repulpable, and PFAS-free, our coating solutions can light-weight packaging by providing an alternative solution to current wax, PE extrusion coating, and film lamination techniques. Additionally, our coatings offer paper plates, cups and packaging improved water barrier for perishable and frozen foods like seafood, fruits, and ice cream; oil and grease resistance for bakery and fast food service applications; for boxed foods like cereal and crackers; and improved release properties for frozen meats and meals. Our global production capabilities deliver security of supply with regionally compliant solutions.


Michelman offers a product using established surface modifier and coating technology, and includes dozens of product lines encompassing:

  • Water-based coatings for paper, film and foil packaging
  • Water-based emulsions and dispersions that add value to reinforced plastics, coatings, polishes, printing inks, and many other products
  • Micronised powders for numerous industrial uses
  • Water-based ink receptive primers
  • Water-based and solvent-borne formulations for wood stains and sealants
  • Solvent-borne dispersions for industrial and consumer coatings
  • Range of Primers for use with HP Indigo Press.

Five decades in the wax emulsions/coatings business has built a clear understanding of the issues driving change and the technology required for innovation.


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