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Achitex Minerva

The Achitex Minerva Group is a dynamic “pocket-sized multinational” which has successfully made textile chemicals its core business. It has been manufacturing and selling chemicals for all phases of textile processing for over 70 years, although over time it has differentiated its operations to create product ranges for the paper cone, glass fibre and construction industries.

Today it is one of the leading European players in the production of water-based pigment dispersions for the textile, coatings, adhesive tape, scouring fibre and flexographic printing industries. Research, development, customer care, quality and environmental awareness are key factors for the competitiveness of the Group and of the Industry which it serves, and make Achitex Minerva a reliable partner for leading chemicals companies in over 80 countries worldwide.

Achitex Minerva

Textile Chemistry

The competitive textile market where Achitex Minerva Group has operated throughout its history demands product quality, customer service and a flair for innovation, and in response the Company is constantly engaged on research and development, with a particular focus on reducing the environmental impact of its processes.

Achitex Minerva Group textile sector includes a complete range of products for all phases of the fabric finishing process, from spinning to printing.


  • Primary and secondary spinning products
  • Sizing products

  • Preparation, dyeing and finishing auxiliaries

  • Powder and liquid Chemantrene dyestuffs

  • Technical textile compounds

  • Continuous and discontinuous printing.

Printing products include:

  • Minerprint® pigment dispersion

  • ready-to-use pastes for continuous printing

  • photopolymeric emulsions for screen printing matrices

  • digital printing pre-treatments

  • pigment-based inks for digital printing.

The current product range of Achitex Minerva consists of over 1 200 products for different textile applications, from spinning to finishing, from continuous to discontinuous printing and for non-textile industrial sectors such as the building sector (protection and renewal of building materials), adhesives for paper cones, fiberglass and pigment dispersions intended for water-based paints, adhesive tapes, abrasive fibres, flexography and much more.

Millchem is the proud distributor for Minerva in southern Africa. Contact us today for more information on these products and how we can help customise a solution that suits your needs.

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Millchem is the proud distributor for Achitex Minerva in sub-Saharan Africa. Contact us today for more information on these products and how we can help customise a solution that suits your needs.