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Maximising efficiency on production lines

SmartSkin uses its patented technology solutions to fuse innovative sensors, deep analytics and artificial intelligence, providing global manufacturers with actionable data on the forces their containers experience during the filling and packaging process. By identifying previously undetectable adverse or abnormal operating conditions, workers are able to better control the process, preventing product defects and costly downtime.

A fusion of ideas and expertise.

Smart Skin’s technology is in use on every continent around the world and has earned a strong reputation as a world leader in IIoT productivity solutions across multiple industries.

Smart Skin was honoured with the “Best Manufacturing Innovation” at the 2020 PharmaPack Awards in Paris and has garnered back-to-back Supplier of the Year awards as an innovation partner within Coca-Cola’s bottling network.


Food and beverage

Maximising efficiency in harsh bottling and canning circumstances requires a tool designed to not only withstand the environment of your line, but to seamlessly integrate with your existing processes to ensure every unit meets top standards.

From blueprint to reality, our actionable analytics and line mapping support your goals to maximize productivity, reduce costly downtime and protect your investment in high-quality packaging and materials.

Pharma manufacturing

Protect container integrity across aseptic fill finish processes and make sure every dose gets to where it’s needed most.

With container handling problems being a leading cause of unplanned downtime and product quality issues on pharmaceutical manufacturing lines, SmartSkin’s patented replica vials, syringes, and cartridges instantly measure and map the damaging forces across your processes.

Assess and mitigate risk areas, optimize machine settings, and accelerate troubleshooting and changeovers with instant data that shows you exactly what your containers experience at every stage of the process.

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