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Filling and Packaging Technology

Italian company Ocme is well known throughout the world for its excellent filling and packaging technology.  Its machines are, for instance, used by almost all major international beverage, food, oil and personal care companies.  With offices in the UK, the USA, France and China, Ocme have an exclusive representation agreement in sub-Saharan Africa with Millchem.

Ocme’s machines are well known for extremely high quality, reliability and high performance together with excellent back up service.

Its machinery has been particularly sought after by large beverage companies because of their high speed and flexibility (for quick change-over and thus capacity to run different products).

LWN Lufttechnik GmbH

Products Include:

The high level of technology applied enables the construction of electronic machines processing PET, HDPE, Glass and Sheet Metal containers.

automatic shrink wrap packers, wrap-around packers, pick and place packers and basket packers.

We develop complete palletizing and depalletizing solutions that include traditional or single-column models, fully automated, equipped with in-line or 90° forming systems, assisted by layer or row forming systems, which, together with our line of accessory devices, can meet the needs of the various solutions proposed.

Robopac range of fully automatic and semi-automatic vertical and horizontal packaging solutions: robots, rotating tables, rotating arms and rotating rings for the stabilisation of palletised loads using stretch film and horizontal machines for packaging of panels, kit furniture, assembled furniture, doors, windows, pipes, extruded aluminium and other long and non-palletised products.

Our LGV (laser guided vehicles) vehicles integrate perfectly well to any warehouse or end-of-line solutions, thanks to a wide range of highly modular and flexible solutions.

OCME’s range encompasses:

  • High and Low Level Depalletisers – Dorado/Antares
  • In-Line and Rotary Volumetric Fillers – Lynx
  • In-Line and Rotary Weight-Fillers – Libra
  • Shrink-Wrap and Tray-Packers – Vega
  • Wrap-Around Packers – Altair
  • Combined Wraparound and Shrink-Wrap Packers – Gemini
  • High- and Low-Level Palletisers – Perseus
  • In-Line High and Low Level Palletisers – Orion
  • Robot Palletisers – Pegasus
  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) – Auriga

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Millchem is the proud distributor for Ocme in sub-Saharan Africa. Contact us today for more information on these products and how we can help customise a solution that suits your needs.