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Batch and Cullet Plants for the Glass Industry

Zippe is the world’s leading company in the field of batch and cullet plants for the international glass industry. Through focusing and specialisation, it has acquired extensive expertise and a wealth of experience.

With 6 subsidiaries and 30 agencies worldwide, Zippe is represented in all important markets of the glass industry. Every project presents them with new challenges – no two technical solutions are the same.

Zippe specialises in the construction or modernisation of glass batch plants and cullet plants for the international glass industry. From planning to manufacture and on to commissioning – everything from a single source in the best possible quality, with the utmost reliability and a long working life


High Quality Glass Requires High Quality Batch
Zippe batch systems ensure that the batch for each type of glass is conveyed fully automatically into the melting tank in exactly the required composition and homogeneity, in the desired quantity and at the right time – 24/7.

The team of experts ensure the smooth and timely realisation of each order – also turnkey if required. Leading companies around the world trust in Zippe’s expertise, and they do everything we can to ensure this remains the case in the future through constant further development and innovations  – right from the start.

Recycled Goods Replace Valuable Raw Materials
In the production of glass articles, there is always a certain amount of glass waste in the form of hot and cold waste glass. However, broken glass is a valuable secondary raw material for glass production. They are one of the important sources for saving raw materials and energy.

Sophisticated technology is required to appropriately process hot, liquid reject glass, which can occur in the form of drops (hot gobs) or jets.

The aim is to return the production waste glass to the melting process in a suitable form, ecologically and economically.

Zippe designs, supplies and builds complete waste glass processing plants.

Insertion Technology
Regardless of the type of glass or tank, glass manufacturers around the world praise Zippe’s reliability and efficient tank loading. Zippe depositors are characterised by high reliability and efficiency. They ensure an exact, even and dust-free flow of material into the melting tank.

Energy Savings Through the Use of Flue Gases
Due to rising energy costs, the production processes in glass manufacturing must become as efficient as possible. One savings is to use hot exhaust gases that are produced during the melting process to preheat the cullet and batch. Between 10 and 15% of the energy can be saved. Zippe has continued to develop these systems.

Glass Level Measurement
In melting operations, modern measuring systems ensure that the glass level in the melting tank and in the forehearth is determined precisely and reliably. If the glass level falls below a specified level, a signal is automatically transmitted to the depositor, ensuring new melting material is fed into the melting tank.

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