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Hollow glass/Bottling/Handling/Gripping

Our different grippers tubes have been designed to optimise handling of glass bottles and jars during palletizing and depalletizing operations.

Our very wide range adapts to all shapes and sizes as well as to all your support and handling robots, and automatic or semi-automatic palletizers.

Our grippers tubes are made of vulcanised rubber-coated fabric to give them a perfect grip, optimised life span despite high rates and a great variety of shapes. Their design allows very fast assembly and disassembly, simplified usage and very low maintenance.

Our range allows for handling full layers as well as single or multiple rows.

Our knowledge of materials and the constraints of our customers encourage us to continue development of our line: GGW clamp for a universal bottle neck grip, pneumatic grippers tubes provided with an FDA approved coating.

Our standard lengths and diameters as well as custom made products and solutions will meet all your gripper requests.


About Simtech

SIMTECH, a company founded in 1992, is made of a rigorous and professional team focusing on highly skilled design & manufacturing of specific products out of coated fabrics & rubber materials mainly used in glass, bottling, defence, motorsport & other industries, including laminating solutions, flexible tanks and fuel cells, bottle & container handling solutions, rubber edging, etc.

SIMTECH is a high-performance, global-minded company that exports more than 90% of its production worldwide. SIMTECH holds several patents on its products and processes.

Simtech uses unique manufacturing processes that give our products strength, quality and a long service life. Our teams are also qualified to make custom products.
Among its different ranges, Simtech designs, manufactures & supplies:

  • Flexgrip® – Inflatable Hollow Glass Handling Solutions
  • Flexlam® – Glass and composite laminating solutions
  • Flexcell® – Tanks embedded in various vehicles
  • Flexdrum® – Transport flexible tanks & fluid storage
  • Flexeng® – Custom Made Rubber Products.

Simtech’s R&D centre supports its customers in developing new products and solutions.

Their major technical resources include test benches, ageing oven, CAD / CAE software that allows them to develop in the fields of mechanics, textiles, polymers, coated fabrics, etc.

Their engineers and technicians, specialised in the use of very high quality flexible materials, are always listening to customers to bring them solutions that meet their specifications.

Simtech can support our customers with:

  • Custom made solutions and products
  • Internal or on-site studies
  • Production of prototypes.

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Millchem is the proud distributor for Simtech in sub-Saharan Africa. Contact us today for more information on these products and how we can help customise a solution that suits your needs.