SIMTECH, a company founded in 1992, is made of a rigorous and professional team focusing on highly skilled design & manufacturing of specific products out of coated fabrics & rubber materials mainly used in glass, bottling, defence, motorsport & other industries, including laminating solutions, flexible tanks and fuel cells, bottle & container handling solutions, rubber edging, etc.

SIMTECH is a high-performance, global-minded company that exports more than 90% of its production worldwide.

SIMTECH holds several patents on its products and processes.

Simtech is also  a unique manufacturing processes that give our products strength, quality and a long service life. Our teams are also qualified to make custom products.

Among its different ranges, Simtech designs, manufactures & supplies :Flexgrip® – Inflatable Hollow Glass Handling Solutions

  • Flexgrip® – Inflatable Hollow Glass Handling Solutions
  • Flexlam® – Glass and composite laminating solutions
  • Flexcell® – Tanks embedded in various vehicles
  • Flexdrum® – Transport flexible tanks & fluid storage
  • Flexeng® – Custom Made Rubber Products

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