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RUREX-STAHL is the market leader in the manufacture and complete commissioning of solar glass, cast glass and profiled glass manufacturing equipment. For the hollow glass industry they supply worldwide their wear and heat resistant spare parts and shear blades, in many special shapes, specially designed for high performance IS machines.

Starting as a trading company in special stainless steel, RUREX-STAHL today is a worldwide operating manufacturer for the glass industry. For the container glass industry, they supply their heat- and wear resistant shear blades and spare parts worldwide, in many special designs and alloys, especially made for highspeed-IS-Machines. RUREX-STAHL is also a manufacturer for glass crushing units.


Product Range


RUREX is a supplier of shearblades made from special anticorrosive alloys. Due to Rurex’s high-tech production process, you will receive the best in efficiency, precision and quality. Every RUREX blade is measured, rectified and marked before leaving our works. All standard types are available ex stock. Regrinded blades from RUREX are in service like new ones.

RUREX supplies the following extremely wear-resistant products for the hot area of hollow glass production worldwide – for all common feeders, IS machines and annealing furnaces:

Scissors Knife

RUREX supplies feeder knives made of corrosion-resistant special steels worldwide. Thanks to the company’s highly developed manufacturing process, you can achieve the highest possible performance, precision and quality in the gob section.


Flat Springs

RUREX’s flat springs are available in “stainless” or “Ultra” for muzzle holders in a wide variety of designs, which always have a consistently high spring force and a long service life. Compression springs are also available from.

Transfer Plates

RUREX’s transfer plates are made of through-hardened, stainless steel which gives you extremely long service on the plates as well as high productivity.

Drip Ring Holder

RUREX’s drip ring holders are made of heat-resistant cast stainless steel and, thanks to their solid “single bloc” design, offer an extremely long service life, are highly economical and have absolutely no distortion.

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Millchem is the proud distributor for Rurex Stahl in sub-Saharan Africa. Contact us today for more information on these products and how we can help customise a solution that suits your needs.