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Vacuum Systems and Air Compressors

Pneumofore is a leading supplier of centralised vacuum and compressed air and gas systems for industrial applications worldwide. The company manufactures machines based on rotary vane technology to guarantee long lasting operation, high performance and the lowest Life Cycle Cost on the market.


Hollow Glass

Vacuum systems for glassworks to improve the moulding at the IS machines in terms of speed and precision. Air cooled solutions, worldwide expertise and references.

The industrialisation of food distribution was based on glass, as a hygienic reusable container material. Hollow glass is being replaced lately by new, mostly synthetic materials but keeps its key position in prestigious liquids packaging like wine, beer, juice, jam etc. The moulding process of glass containers is the core application of Pneumofore UV vacuum pumps. In this tough round-the-clock heavy-duty application, Pneumofore managed to gain experience over more than 50 years.

This positions the company as a worldwide leader of vacuum pump systems for IS machines. The presence of lubricants in the IS machine requires specific filtration solutions. Our service includes the system calculation and layout to guarantee a specific vacuum level. There are Variable Speed options to minimize power consumption, from 35 to 60 Hz, also up to 32.400 m3/h capacity.


The pharmaceutical industry uses vacuum for specific processes in medicine production and in the final stage of packaging. Vacuum, the absence of air, supports ‘clean’ requirements, where contamination and volatile impurities is avoided.

When we replace liquid ring or screw pumps with our rotary vane technology, our installations are based on Return of Investment calculations and we are perfectly aligned with the strict standards of precision and reliability requirements of the Vacuum System. UV pumps are also appreciated in such continuous applications for their clean exhaust, as happened at Becton Dickinson in Ireland, substituting rotary screw pumps. In Belarus, the air-cooling and strongly reduced power consumption of UV pumps, combined with our vacuum system engineering competence, allowed considerable savings compared to the previous liquid ring system. Lifescan, in Scotland, moved away from costly repair and spares of ‘compact vane pumps’ by installing a Pneumofore system, which offers industrial values of durability with easier Maintenance.

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