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Lubricating & Coating Solutions for the Glass Container Industry

Graphoidal Developments Ltd is at the forefront of designing and manufacturing the most advanced lubrication and coating technology to the glass container and tableware industries. The company’s expertise is in precise pumping, control of mixing, dosing and spraying of the lubricants and coatings which form a vital part of the glass production process, both in hot end and cold end areas.

Graphoidal’s total commitment to the glass industry has resulted in the development of a range of products carefully matched to the requirements of the glass container industry throughout the world.


Cold End

A thin film layer known as “cold end glass coating” is put on glass bottles and jars as part of the production process. You might guess there is a “hot end” coating when you hear the term “cold end,” and you would be correct. Cold end coating, which is applied after annealing, is aided by hot end coating, which is applied shortly before annealing.

Products within Cold End from Graphoidal are:

  • OBSIII Cold End Coating Twin-Axis
  • Stand Alone Dosing Unit
  • Hot End Row Monitor

Shear Spray

Shear spray application is a small but critical part of the glass forming process. By controlling the pressure and flow of the air and the lubricating emulsion, Graphoidal Shear Spray bars create a fine atomised mist, which wets the shear blades very effectively and provides the most efficient method of blade cooling.

Products include:

  • Shear Spray System – Individual Feeder Dosing
  • Multi Shear Spray Unit
  • Shear Spray Bars
  • Scoop Spray
  • Fixed Drop Guide
  • Water Preparation Equipment

Machine Lubrication

A revolutionary independent multi-zone system which provides the glass container industry with the ability to control the lubrication of IS machinery precisely, providing reduced operating costs, increased efficiency, longer machine life and many environmental benefits.

The Graphoidal multi-zone system will reduce the cost of machine lubrication using synthetic oils, account for changes in machine speed or cavity rate and significantly reduce the volume of discharged oil waste.

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