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FERMAC, established in 1993, creates, produces and installs machinery for glass decoration. The product line includes automatic and semi-automatic screen printing equipment for cups, pots, ashtrays, bottles of perfume, and other items for up to 8 or more colours. Fermac quickly rose to prominence in the market for screen printing machines for use on glass products as well as for high-precision machines with medium to high production speeds. The quality and significant technological substance of its products have made it possible for the company to hold this market position as a leader.

The company’s philosophy has always been to serve the interests, needs and requirements of its customers. FERMAC has a flat structure which shows great flexibility and ensures extremely low response and action times. FERMAC carries out its activities mainly abroad, with 90% of its turnover from more than 250 customers spread across 52 different countries. All are supported by after-sales services ensuring efficiency and productivity in any production environment, by offering a global-service and remote assistance.



FERMAC has developed the following strategies to enter new markets:

  • Cooperation contracts with major companies in the glass industry. This provides a direct local presence in world markets and therefore a more focused approach to any new customer demand in terms of technology and application.
  • Extension of its expertise in working fields different from that traditionally faced. Example: integration of the printing process with UV inks, penetration in cosmetics and perfumes with a full range of linear or rotary machines, development of angular registration and quality control with linear cameras, etc. as well as an analysis and implementation of a customer-service satisfaction, which allows Fermac to deal with new operational problems and propose solutions targeted for its customers, such as preventive maintenance, personnel training, etc.

Most glass-decorating companies in Europe and around the world have recognised Fermac’s ability to produce high-tech machines with high quality level in order to achieve the highest standard of decoration.

We make sure that the customer’s needs come first. We offer only solutions to your problems with efficient service.

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