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Entegris Poco Materials

Graphite and silicon carbide for high-performance applications

Each POCO grade of EDM graphite has been tailored for a specific range of applications with benchmarked performance characteristics. Developed to have the best balance of metal removal rates, low electrode wear and fine surface finishes these materials provide excellent cost of ownership. Production of these materials is tightly controlled to provide the user with consistent performance from block to block. Applications engineers provide assistance with grade selection and machine parameters for specific applications. Poco’s graphite grades are available as billets, semi-finished rods, blocks, and plates.

Sinker EDM technology has improved significantly over the years, changing many of the processes and decisions that an EDM operator will face when operating the machine. Even though operators may have access to the latest in machine tool technology, it is still important for them to receive training to understand machine parameters and the impact each one has on the finished product.

Most EDM training is separated into basic and advanced levels of operation and covers topics such as EDM theory, preventive maintenance, operational practices, programming, and advanced technologies.

Entegris Poco Materials

Premium Graphite Components

Not only does Poco provide high quality graphite, but they can also machine their materials into finished parts to meet your needs.

Working with its dedicated team of engineers, they can help design your parts and decide which of their graphite grades and post processes are right for you. Its 50 000 square foot facility’s machining capabilities include:

  • 3, 4, and 5 axis milling

  • High speed machining

  • Multispindle milling and drilling;
  • Turning

  • Form, surface, centreless and double disk grinding.

The machining operation uses the principles of lean manufacturing to continually improve capabilities and eliminate waste in every process.

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