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Dura Temp

Hot Ware Handling Solutions

Dura Temp assists glassmakers with achieving the highest production rates possible by providing hot ware handling solutions that meet the evolving needs of the industry.

Founded in 1983, Dura Temp Corporation has supported the glass industry with ware handling solutions for nearly 40 years. Dura Temp products are successfully installed in glass factories in over 40 countries. In addition to ware handling solutions, Dura Temp also offers lubrication solutions for the glass and other industries through its sister company, DT Industrials.

​Dura Temp is an industry-leading supplier of hot ware handling solutions for glassmakers worldwide. From the gob forming area through the lehr loader, Dura Temp offers superior materials, quick-change parts and assemblies, and technical experience that allow glassmakers to achieve optimum results in the hot end. Dura Temp is continuously evaluating the changing needs of the glass industry and adapting the solutions it offers to best meet these needs.

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Product Range

  • Hollow Glass
  • Tableware Applications – With Dura Temp’s extensive experience in hot glass handling and its wide range of contact materials, it can provide solutions to meet specific production requirements. Whether the need is for materials with a specific property (ex: low-to-no porosity) or materials for certain applications (ex: fire polishing), Dura Temp offers solutions to enhance tableware production.
  • Bending and Tempering – Dura Temp’s proven rollers keep hot glass moving in the bending and tempering applications. Although made to withstand continuous use temperature between 260-290°C, these rollers can accommodate much higher contact temperatures in excess of 600-650°C intermittently. They are available in a variety of stock sizes, with or without hubs, and can be precision moulded and machined to custom specifications.
  • Pharmaceutical Products
  • SEFPRO Expendables
  • Interglass

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