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When making hollow glass, the individual section (IS) machine needs a variety of parts, such as blank and mould hangers, hanger inserts, links and pins, among others, to handle hot glass and assist to ensure flawless containers. Bottero is a leading supplier of IS Machines for the Glass Manufacturing industry. These machines are used primarily in glass plants for producing glass bottles.

Bottero designs and manufactures machinery to process flat and hollow glass as well as entire production lines for laminated and float sheets. Bottero is the only company with such extensive and transversal expertise in the glass manufacturing industry. Using products from Bottero will only benefit our clients as you will be receiving the best quality and service. You can select the best-suited product line for your needs.

Over the years, Bottero has consistently invested in R&D, which helps the company launch various projects which involve the use of cutting-edge technology such as Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis. Bottero is now able to provide innovative, reliable, efficient solutions to the market.


Hollow Glass

Thanks to the experience earned in the field through thousands of installations as well as the continuous and significant investments in research and development, Bottero has formed relationships with many glass container manufacturers in the world.

Bottero has a unique know-how in glass processing available to customers who need technological  development. The company has invested in strategic resources, such as hardware and software, developing a “state of the art” simulation centre where full simulations of the forming process are performed

Simulations of the forming process, together with the core competences of its people, are used as powerful tools to support customers on the daily operations and challenges on the production line, but have also become the backbone of Bottero’s development strategy.

Hollow Glass Technology

• Forming machine

• E-moc technology

• Gob forming and delivery

• Servo technology

• Ware handling

• Pneumatic mechanism


Control system

With E-pack 700 series Bottero strengthens its position as leading supplier of electronic control systems, setting new standards in hot-end production lines.

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