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Mole Moreschi

Diamond Tools for Glass Working

Mole Moreschi is a highly specialised business with knowledge that enables it to respond to the ongoing needs of the industry. It has been operating in the field of the production and sale of diamond tools for the glass sector for almost 100 years.

Mole Moreschi has a reputation for being innovative and is present in more than 90 countries because of its extensive agent network. The company’s technical division is always looking for ways to acquire goods that boost productivity and efficiency at work.

Mole Moreschi has vast expertise and experience in the production of diamond wheels and tools for glass processing.

Diamond Discs

The company’s diamond discs are ideal for cutting both monolithic and laminated glass. Both continuous bond and segmented discs are available. They are able to produce diamond discs with a diameter between 80 and 400mm.

Peripheral Wheels

Mole Moreschi has invested a lot in the development of a complete and performing range of peripheral wheels. In addition to the traditional, widely tested products, they have new ranges capable of effectively covering all areas of use. They have developed solutions and services able to support even the most demanding customers.

Cup Wheels

Diamond and resin cup wheels Mole Moreschi has a very wide range of cup wheels among which you can surely find the most suitable tools for your machine and your specific processing. A wide variety of binders, grits, geometries are available, each of which can be completed with a specific fixing body for each individual machine model. 

Polishing Wheels

The polishing wheels were created to replace the felt wheels with cerium where management is much more complex; in fact, the management of a normal polishing wheel has no type when it is managed except to be replaced when the ability to use the wheel ends. In this area, then, the water must not be particularly hard and contain a saline concentration that must not exceed certain parameters.


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