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Monolithic and Laminated Flat Glass Processing

Bottero designs and manufactures machinery to process flat and hollow glass as well as entire production lines for laminated and float sheets. Bottero is the only company with such extensive and transversal expertise in the glass manufacturing industry. Using products from Bottero will only benefit our clients as you will be receiving the best quality and service. You can select the best-suited product line for your needs.

Over the years, Bottero has consistently invested in R&D, which helps the company launch various projects which involve the use of cutting-edge technology such as Machine Learning and Big Data Analysis. Bottero is now able to provide innovative, reliable, efficient solutions to the market.

When making hollow glass, the individual section (IS) machine needs a variety of parts, such as blank and mould hangers, hanger inserts, links and pins, among others, to handle hot glass and assist to ensure flawless containers. Bottero is also a leading supplier of IS Machines for the Glass Manufacturing industry. These machines are used primarily in glass plants for producing glass bottles.


Machines and lines for processing monolithic and laminated flat glass


Bottero cutting tables are designed to withstand the high workloads typically adopted during single- or even multiple-shift production of windows or panels in the furniture sector, as well as of components for household appliances, in the automotive industry and in many other areas. Bottero cutting tables are among the most popular and sought-after in the world, and in the market they represent a major benchmark in terms of production capacity and reliability.

Flat Glass Downstream

As a global leader in flat glass processing technology, Bottero has helped shape one of the most beautiful and useful materials in the world for over 60 years. Its unique qualities, combined with the passion for technology and innovation, guide us in looking for newer and more effective solutions to improve and expand its use.

  • Cutting
  • Glass stock management
  • Straight line edgers and bevellers
  • Double edgers
  • CNC
  • Laminated lines

Flat Glass Upstream

Bottero’s optimisation systems interfaced with the quality inspection system optimises the cuts according to stacking positions and glass quality defined in the production table for float cutting lines and patterned lines. Bottero’s processing lines produce laminated glass plates.

  • Float cutting lines
  • Patterned lines

  • Laminated production lines

  • Handling for coater
  • Off-line cutting
  • Packing lines

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