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Industrial Communication Headsets

Sensear is a global leader in developing and manufacturing best-in-class digital Communication and Active Listening Headsets and earplugs for use in high noise and hazardous environments.

Sensear’s patented SENSTM technology simultaneously enhances speech, and suppresses background noise so that users can verbally communicate, protect their hearing, and still maintain 360-degree awareness of their surroundings in noisy environments such as oil & gas, mining, construction, heavy manufacturing and other industrial workplaces.


Sensear is Solving High Noise Communication Problems in the Manufacturing Industry

Occupational noise is a notable contributor to hearing loss worldwide. The hearing loss claims made by workers in the manufacturing sector are high. Hearing protection devices (HPDs) are highly recommended to minimise noise exposure and prevent hearing loss in the Manufacturing Industry. Sensear provides some of the best solutions for noise reduction and noise cancellation for manufacturing plants.

 Sensear is Solving High Noise Communication Problems in the Food Processing/Food Manufacturing Industry

Hearing protection in the food processing industry is somewhat different than it is in other industries. In the Food Processing Industry, employers must protect workers’ hearing as well as maintain the purity of the product. Some types of food processing require the need for intrinsic safety as some dust particles, such as flour can be explosive in the air or if allowed to build up on equipment.


Providing proper food processing hearing protection for employees can sound challenging when the facility has strict health and safety requirements. The majority of workers in the food processing industry have critical requirements to communicate with colleagues. Traditional hearing protection headsets restrict the workers’ ability to communicate.

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