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Experts in natural perfumery

Founded in 1758 in Grasse in the south of France, Maison Sozio is one of the pioneers in fine French perfumery.

With the integration of Synarome in 2021, Sozio ties back to its legacy by returning to its initial activity: raw materials. This acquisition enhances Sozio perfumers’ palette of premium ingredients – both synthetic and natural – and iconic specialties such as Ambrarome and Animalis.

Made up of specialists around the world, Sozio is constantly developing its expertise and questioning its environment.

Sozio keeps providing its customers with innovative and performing fragrances that meet COSMOS, ECOCERT (references available on, NOP USDA, ECOLABEL, GREENSEAL and SAFER CHOICE requirements.

The team keeps up to date on regulations surrounding natural and organic ingredients, including CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora), and international protocols or treaties established under the Convention on Biological Diversity on the use of plant resources.

Sozio’s original, creative fragrances can be adapted to different formats, depending on the need of the market whether Cosmetics, Toiletries, Fine fragrances, Home fragrances or Detergents. Fragrance offerings include natural & organic, odour neutralizing, fragrances for plastics and fragrances for bactericides.

A worldwide presence:

  • 4 Creative centres (Paris, Grasse, New York, Hong Kong)
  • 3 Production facilities
  • 9 Trade offices

Performance innovations



Cosmocaps are natural microcapsules that are COSMOS certified and comply with the CLEAN FRAGRANCE label. Cosmocaps allow a gradual and controlled diffusion of the fragrance on the skin while ensuring increased long lasting and olfactory performance. COSMOCAPS are suitable for all cosmetic bases.


Microcaps are capsules that have been developed by the R&I department to adhere perfectly to clothing. They are therefore compatible with washing and softening bases. Microcaps increase olfactive performance and improve fragrance long lasting quality on fabric.

Fragrance Powder

Fragrances in powder form for use in cosmetics or detergents.

A fragrance technology to extend fragrance lifetime for Personal Care and Fine Fragrance applications.

Masking agents


DeoColor and PermOdor

Odour masking agents for complex cosmetic bases (hair dyes, depilatories and perm products, etc.)


Innovative fragrance collection developed to cover ammonia malodour.


Technology for masking the odour of complex bases (solvents, oily products, etc.).


Technology to neutralize bad odours.

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