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Sandream Specialties

Raw Material Supplier for the Personal Care Industry

Sandream Specialties is a global raw material supplier for the cosmetics & personal care industry.

With its expanded R&D and production sites, Sandream has enhanced its capacity for new colour development, colour matching, formulation, blending and dispersion services. We offer the most extensive range of innovative effect pigments and colour ingredients, along with cosmetic actives, aesthetic modifiers, and visual delivery systems. We are the one-stop-shop solution provider for all of your beauty needs.

Sandream Specialties

Active and functional ingredients

Sandream Specialties, a global raw material supplier for the Personal Care industry, offers cosmetic actives, aesthetic modifiers, and visual delivery systems to provide functional and sensory benefits for all of your beauty needs. The product portfolio includes benefits from anti-aging, whitening, moisturizing, soft focus, long-wear, silicone, plant stem cell, to preservatives.

  • Anti-inflammation
  • Botanicals
  • Emollients
  • UV Filters, and more

Visual delivery system

Dream Fx, Sandream’s unique visual delivery system.

The encapsulation technology is used in oral care, skin care, lotion, shampoos, hand sanitizers, and other personal care applications. We offer 5 unique solutions:

  • Dream Petals/Silks: Inspired by real flower petals, provide stunning visuals and a myriad of internal functionalities
  • Dream Colors: Microcapsules of pigments, actives and UV blockers. Provide instant color release with excellent coverage and silky feel.
  • Dream Softlets: Spherical hydrogel microcapsules with agar, alginate, gellan gum and polymers.
  • Dream Vision Beads: deliver un-paralleled consistency and controlled micro-encapsulation of actives
  • Natural Exfoliating Powder: containing natural walnut shell, bamboo, and rice.

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Millchem is the proud distributor for Sandream Specialties in sub-Saharan Africa. Contact us today for more information on these products and how we can help customise a solution that suits your needs.