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Micro Powder Industries (MPI)


As experts in small particle additives for over 50 years, we continue to design specialty waxes and other fine powders that help solve formulation problems and enhance performance in personal care products. And we don’t just talk about innovation, we back it up with the largest portfolio of coarse and ultrafine synthetic, natural, and biodegradable products in the industry. Micro Powders – Small Particles, Big Ideas.


Micro Powders’ natural and synthetic powders and exfoliants enhance performance and aesthetics in color cosmetics and care products that protect, cleanse, and beautify. From our extensive portfolio of spherical, irregular, and colored exfoliants to our multi-functional ultrafine powders, we help formulators add unique features to impress consumers.

Offering solutions for Colour Cosmetic, Exfoliants, skin care, toiletries, sun care and hair care products.

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