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Ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industries

Hallstar’s extensive capabilities in photostability sciences, 100% vegetal oil-extracted eco-actives and functional naturals set it apart in the field of cosmetic chemistry.

The HallStar Company, prides itself on delivering customised, cost-effective solutions based on the unique needs of its customers. HallStar’s ability to invent and formulate with unique esters – ingredients vital to both the polymer additives and personal care sectors – is based on over 50 years of esterification experience.

Since the ester chemistry is constantly evolving. Today, HallStar uses esters as vehicles to craft functionality. For example, HallStar have developed ester-based products that enable rubber to adhere to nylon cord which improves emolliency, as well as providing long-term photostability to sun and skin care products.



Safe, efficient and persistent stabilization for personal care products that require SPF and PFA performance.

Functional Naturals
Advanced technology applied to botanically derived, biomimetic ingredients supports both natural and functional product claims.

Active Naturals
A new generation of 100% natural oil-based actives and extracts made possible by our patented Oléo-éco-extraction process.

Specialty Butters and Oils
Premium natural butters and exotic oil ingredients with exceptional sensorial attributes for personal care products.

Custom Formulation Development
In addition to hundreds of ready-made formulations, our R&D team can help you develop custom solutions for your specific need.

Product Range

Skin Care

Hallstar has ingredients and formulations that address the myriad of consumer concerns related to the two main layers of skin: the epidermis (outside) and the dermis (inside).

Ingredients include:

  • Skin care emulsifiers, emulsion stabilisers and structurants to achieve and stabilise specific product forms
  • Natural emollients and butters for unique product aesthetics, both tactile and olfactory
  • Protection from environmental causes of premature skin aging or to correct visible signs of aging
  • Products that can enhance active ingredient performance

Sun Care

Hallstar offers a range of innovative solutions for products that require high SPF and PFA performance and improved aesthetics — and the regulatory expertise to ensure global compliance.

  • Specially designed photostabilizers that enable the full benefit of photolabile UV filters
  • Higher polarity emollients that enhance photolabile UV filter stability while functioning as solid UV filter solubilizers
  • Titanium dioxide- and zinc oxide-based UV filters with world-leading aesthetics, low whitening and measurably high SPF/PFA contribution
  • Biomimetic natural emulsifiers and antioxidants that contribute to sun care product form and function, all tested in specific sun care applications
  • Active ingredients like our revolutionary Micah® chemistry, which acts as an anteoxidant™ to stop UV-induced photo-aging before it starts

Colour Cosmetics

Offering essential colour cosmetic chemistry expertise.

  • Select esters that can wet pigments well and impart desirable skin feel so that the shade in packaging matches the shade on skin
  • Lip product ingredients that are non-toxic, mild and pleasant-tasting, and eye ingredients that are nonirritating
  • A wide portfolio of color cosmetic ingredients for innovative formulations, including emollients, pigment dispersants, functional emulsifiers, stabilizers, skin care active ingredients and more

Hair Care

Hair care products can be divided into two main categories: reactive hair care formulations (relaxers, permanent waves, bleaches and permanent colorants) and non-reactive (shampoos, conditioners and styling aids). Hallstar’s ingredients and solutions support both types, including hair masks, oils, serum and shampoo formulations.

  • Botanically derived foaming agents, emulsifiers, solubilizers, conditioner formulations, shine and structuring agents.
  • Non-ester self-emulsifiers provide a stable base for relaxers, cream lotion developers and depilatories.
  • Self-emulsifiers and emulsifiers, some ECOCERT-validated, make excellent bases for various forms of conditioners and styling aids
  • USDA-NOP, botanically derived and specialty synthetic emollients and other natural hair care ingredients enable a wide range of aesthetics, market positions and performance characteristics including organic hair care


Hallstar has a broad spectrum of ingredients ideal for use in a wide array of toiletries products, such as antiperspirants, bath oils, deodorants, depilatories, hand washes, perfumes, shower gels, soaps and shaving preparations. Clinically tested, effective and natural ingredients.

  • Emollient vegetal and vegetal-based oils, butters, a petrolatum alternative and an organosilicone impart a unique feel
  • Specialty stearyl alcohol contributes to stable, non-crystallizing antiperspirant sticks
  • Light esters yield exceptional bath oils and alkali-stable self-emulsifiers enable shelf-stable depilatories
  • Mild surfactants produce gentle cleansers while high-foaming surfactants produce quality shaving foams and elegant personal cleansers
  • Solubilizers allow the development of water-based perfume preparations

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