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Color Clay®

Clays for the personal care market

Color Clay® is one of the most versatile cosmetic ingredients available. It can directly be mixed with water or other cosmetic ingredients to obtain a paste for facial masks, body SPA treatments; or can be easily formulated into several cosmetic products as creamy masks, soaps, emulsions and shampoos.

COLOR CLAY, S.L. have located and identified in the Mediterranean coast a series of extraordinarily colored clays, rich in minerals and trace elements with a variety of applications in cosmetics.

Color Clay® is a Spanish company established in 2004 with the aim of providing clays to the personal care market.

Color Clay S.L. found and identified in the Mediterranean shore a series of extraordinarily natural coloured clays, rich in minerals and trace elements with a variety of applications in cosmetics.

The clays are 100% natural, no additives or chemicals have been added in their manufacturing process.

Approaching traditional methods has allowed the clay to keep its region authenticity and guaranteeing the essence of our well-being.

Different types of facemasks can be obtained when Color Clay Naturals is mixed directly with water, tonics, thermal spring water or flower water in different proportions according to the grade of consistency and form of the application.

Color Clay also have a ready to use Color Clay Peel-Off range which allows customers to see the benefits of supplying a peel off mask, without having to go through the process of formulating one.

Colour Clay


  • Colour range
  • 100% natural origin
  • High purity
  • Excellent dermal compatibility
  • Controlled microbiology
  • Natural colorant
  • High covering strength
  • Colloidal particle size
  • Versatile in formulation
  • Non tested on animals

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