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Biofunctional technologies for skin care cosmetics

Vincience offers innovations in bioactive ingredients inspired by the latest outcomes of modern molecular biology, leading the way for high tech skin care cosmetics.

At Ashland’s laboratories in Sophia Antipolis, France, a dedicated team of research scientists are continuously investigating skin biology, evaluating ingredient performance, and developing the next generations of biofunctional ingredients. By employing in vitro, ex vivo, and other clinical evaluation methods, they can quickly and effectively substantiate the claims and benefits of this industry-leading portfolio.

Ashland looks at the formulation architecture to create more alluring textures in skin care products, incorporate UV filters into hair care products, face creams, cosmetics and moisturizers, and harness the power of nature to find new biofunctional ingredients that can help fight the visible signs of aging and the negative effects that exposure to airborne pollutants can have on hair and skin.


The vincience™ product line includes:

  • Synthetic Biopeptides mimetic to natural molecules; acting as anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles, slimming, anti-oxidants and skin repair agents.
  • Biotechnological active ingredients derived from micro-organisms, marine plankton and micro algae.
  • Biomolecules extracted from botanical sources with strong efficacy data involved in anti-ageing, anti-wrinkles, hypersensitive skins, anti-irritation and slowing hair growth.
  • Original purified Marine Active Ingredients.

Other activities include Protein anti-stress defense active ingredients.

vincience™ dermocare
Biofunctionals for skin barrier, moisturisation, acne-prone skin, sensitive skin, skin repair and microbiome

vincience™ essentials
Simply essential biofunctionals for skin needs

vincience™ skin biomimicry
Peptides, proteins, lipid identical mimicking skin naturally occurring components

vincience™ breakthrough

vincience™ biotHAIRapy™ and scalp
bioHAIRapy line and biofunctionals for scalp care

vincience™ body care
biofunctionals for body contour and body moisture

vincience™ natural
biofunctionals with a natural profile, sustainable sourcing profile and/or COSMOS validation.

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