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Regina Chain

Roller and Conveyor Chains

Operating in Conveyor since the early ‘80s, Regina significantly contributed to the technological innovation of the sector, always providing a reliable product manufactured with the most performing materials available.

Regina Conveyor displays a vanguard and complete high-quality product portfolio for bottling, packaging, glass, food and can manufacturing applications:

  • Stainless steel and plastic chains;
  • Plastic modular belts;
  • Gripper chains, therein included an extremely advanced maintenance-free gripper chains range;
  • Machined and molded sprockets;
  • Magnetic, TAB and Bevel curves, both standard and custom-made;
  • Lubricated and standard wear strips;
  • Return rollers, side guides and other popular components.

Regina is very proud to declare that all its POM (acetal resin) Conveyor products are manufactured with homopolymer POM supplied by DuPont.

Entegris Poco Materials


  • Bottling PET

  • Bottling Glass

  • Glass Manufacturing

  • High Performing Lines

  • Bottling Cans

  • Packaging

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